About Regency Club
Regency club is located 4 kms south east of the citadel of Thrissur, with easy access, both from town and NH-47. Acres of sheer scenic beauty add to the special splendor and charm of Regency. The buildings are planned and built in such a way, that they do not disturb the nestling comfort of nature..
At Regency, you meet with a colourful confluence of people from every walk of life. Since each enquiry for membership is subject to close scrutiny before conferring membership, the distinction of the group is carefully preserved. Here, the basic concept of a family club is true to every letter, as each member of the family gets entertained according to his or her choice.
Regency is a place, where you are what you are, free to enjoy the essence of nature and meet people of your wavelength. Here, your request for a break from the hustle and bustle of pressurised existence is fulfilled. The cool ambience here soothes your nerves.
Regency is an ideal fun spot for the entire family where every moment is pure joy for you, your spouse and children. No wonder our members treat Regency as their second home.

Roll of Honours


1   1992-1993   Er. K R Mohanan   P K Khadermon
2   1993-1994   Col. B.J. Akkara (Rtd.)   K K Swamintathan
3   1994-1995   Dr. Paul Kallukaran   C J John
4   1995-1996   Dr. Paul Kallukaran   R Anand
5   1996-1997   Dr. Paul Kallukaran   P N Krishnakumar
6   1997-1998   Er. T S Pattabhiraman   Dr. Jacob Paul
7   1998-1999   Er. T S Pattabhiraman   K R Prasanthan
8   1999-2000   K K Swaminathan   T V Abraham
9   2000-2001   P N Krishnakumar   Tony Vattakuzhy
10   2001-2002   Thomas Kollannur   K R Prasanthan
11   2002-2003   Thomas Kollannur   M I Varghese
12   2003-2004   P K Kadermon   A R Ramachandran
13   2004-2005   C V Mathew   Jossie Chandy
14   2005-2006   Jose Alukka   Jossie Chandy
15   2006-2007   Jossie Chandy   Er. Sreevalsalakrishnan
16   2007-2009   Jossie Chandy   A S Babu
17   2009-2011   Jossie Chandy   T R Vijayakumar
18   2011-2013   C V Mathew   Pius Akkara
19   2013-2015   P N Krishnakumar   Joy Joseph Pallivathukkal
20   2015-2016   C V Mathew   Jose J Thattil
21   2016-2017   A R Ramachandran   Jose J Thattil
22   2017-2019   Dr.K.C.Prakasan   Vito Varghese Akkara
Office Bearers
Dr. K C Prakasan 
(FM 319)
Vice President
Sri. Vito Varghese (PM112)
Dr.Prathap Varkey
(LM 635)
Joint Secretary
Sri. Chandran TV (FM 019)
Executive Committee
Sri.Pauly.C. P (PM 579)
Sri.Bhojan CK (FM 143)
Er. M. L. George (FM 025)
Er.John Painadath
(FM 163)
(PM 751)
(PM 712)